I can help demystify physics and math!”

Dr. Erik BrugamyerPh.D.
Dr. Erik Brugamyer has devoted his life to learning and teaching physics, astronomy and mathematics.  He has decades of experience teaching and tutoring thousands of students from diverse backgrounds and with diverse abilities, at the high school, college and post-graduate level.  And he gets results!  His tutoring students routinely say they wish Erik had been their classroom instructor.

After working with Erik, his students have:

Turned F’s into A’s

Improved standardized test scores by over 60 percentile points

Tested out of degree requirements

Been accepted to Ivy League colleges

Been accepted to medical school

Advanced to Ph.D. candidacy

Become medical doctors & university professors

Become lifelong lovers of physics and math


Erik fell in love with the stars as a child, and astrophysics has been his life’s passion ever since.

He found his way from the dark skies of South Dakota to The University of Texas at Austin, where he double-majored in Physics (B.S.) and Astronomy (B.A. with a minor in German).  He completed a quarter of his undergraduate studies at the Technical University of Berlin, where he took courses in quantum mechanics, astronomy, and German.

Erik then took a detour into the business world — he received a graduate degree in accounting and took a job in Chicago, IL with one of the largest international public accounting firms in the world.  This experience provided him with some very valuable life lessons.  The most important one was deciding he knew exactly what he wished to do with his life moving forward:



After leaving his business career behind, Erik returned to Austin, TX, where he began teaching and tutoring physics more or less full-time.

To further his goal of a career in education, Erik matriculated into the Astronomy Ph.D. program at UT – Austin, and completed the degree in 2014.  Along the way, he was also awarded an M.A. degree, bringing the

Total number of degrees to five!

All from The University of Texas at Austin (Hook ’em!).

Erik’s dissertation involved searching for extrasolar planets (planets found orbiting stars other than our Sun), and characterizing their host stars.  He was lucky to be involved in the global team effort to make sense of data collected by the planet-hunting NASA Kepler Space Telescope.  Erik continues to be involved in research — trips to world-class research telescopes remain a sacred experience for him!

These days, Erik teaches high school physics and math at a private, well-known school in Austin, TX, and also serves as the Chair of the Math and Science Department.

He does a fair amount of outside teaching and tutoring as well, particularly: MCAT and GRE physics for post-graduate studies, college-level physics and calculus, AP and SAT physics and calculus, and high school physics and math.  Erik stays very busy with teaching and tutoring work, but considers himself very lucky, indeed — he’s passionate about his work, and doesn’t really consider it “work”.

If you’ve ever been faced with a physics or math problem and thought

“I have no idea how to approach this!?”, then Dr. Erik Brugamyer can definitely help demystify the process!

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Erik’s Ph.D. research revolved around “extra-solar planets” – planets found outside of our own Solar System, so that they orbit stars other than our own Sun. Below is a collection of titles and links to refereed articles that Erik authored/co-authored, including three published in the prestigious journals Nature and Science.

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Client Testimonials

Easily the best physics teacher I’ve ever had.

Benito B.

I wish Erik had been my physics professor.

Richard A.

Erik is super passionate about what he does.

Alex N.

Erik really sets up the perfect atmosphere for learning.

Yifan W.

Much better than my college professor.

Jay C.

Erik is the best physics professor I’ve ever had.

Galib M.

Erik’s passion for physics is infectious.

Shawna F.

I really wish Erik had been my undergrad physics professor.

Lidiya D.

Erik’s knowledge of physics is impeccable.

Joann H.

Erik teaches a hard subject in a very understandable way.

Rachel F.

Erik really made me care about physics.

Michael M.

Erik was fantastic at explaining physics concepts.

Marcheta H.

Erik’s examples were AMAZING and I like that he made a lot of connections with real world applications.

William A.

Erik was able to explain physics in a way that made it seem so easy — physics has never made so much sense to me.

Elias H.

Erik’s knowledge and calm demeanor impress me tremendously – he teaches with wonderful ability.

Alex D.

I admire Erik’s passion for physics.

Jorim P.

Erik provided many examples that helped strengthen my understanding of the content.

Gowtham E.

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