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Dr. Erik Brugamyer

Hello, my name is Erik Brugamyer (aka “Dr. B”)

I would love to become your physics and mathematics tutor. If you’re looking for a dynamic, experienced physics and math tutor then you’ve come to the right place!

I’m a professional physics and math teacher and tutor with a Ph.D. in Astrophysics. Over the past 15 years, I’ve helped thousands of students find success in their physics and math classes by bringing a unique blend of knowledge, passion, insight, and empathy into my tutoring sessions. I, too, struggled a bit in my first physics and math classes, so I understand many of the ways in which common misconceptions and errors arise.

My job is to help you understand, learn, and hopefully appreciate physics and math. Towards that end, I focus first on the basic concepts – the math machinery comes later.  All too often, the “point” seems to get lost in the math. If you’ve ever said to yourself while trying to work a physics or math problem:
“I have no idea where to start!?”, then I can definitely help you.

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Tutoring Rates

I’d love to become your physics and math tutor! Check out my tutoring rates below, then contact me to learn more.




In-person physics and math tutoring in Austin. Rates increase for tutoring outside central Austin.




Enjoy on-demand physics and math tutoring with sessions via Zoom.




Save when you purchase pre-paid blocks of hours for online physics and math tutoring. A minimum of five (5) hours required.

Client Testimonials

Easily the best physics teacher I’ve ever had.

Benito B.

I wish Erik had been my physics professor.

Richard A.

Erik is super passionate about what he does.

Alex N.

Erik really sets up the perfect atmosphere for learning.

Yifan W.

Much better than my college professor.

Jay C.

Erik is the best physics professor I’ve ever had.

Galib M.

Erik’s passion for physics is infectious.

Shawna F.

I really wish Erik had been my undergrad physics professor.

Lidiya D.

Erik’s knowledge of physics is impeccable.

Joann H.

Erik teaches a hard subject in a very understandable way.

Rachel F.

Erik really made me care about physics.

Michael M.

Erik was fantastic at explaining physics concepts.

Marcheta H.

Erik’s examples were AMAZING and I like that he made a lot of connections with real world applications.

William A.

Erik was able to explain physics in a way that made it seem so easy — physics has never made so much sense to me.

Elias H.

Erik’s knowledge and calm demeanor impress me tremendously – he teaches with wonderful ability.

Alex D.

I admire Erik’s passion for physics.

Jorim P.

Erik provided many examples that helped strengthen my understanding of the content.

Gowtham E.

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